Elder Law
Elder Law comprises a variety of legal issues, from traditional estate planning, trusts and wills, to
concerns for quality of life, health care issues and personal care issues in later life. It is never too early
to plan for infirmity.

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Individuals with Disabilities- Planning
People who have disabilities have some planning issues that are unique in all the population. People
who qualify for government benefits may have serious concerns about what will happen to their lives if
they get an inheritance. People with disabilities, especially those with fixed incomes, may have special
concerns about housing arrangements, owning a home, ensuring future care needs are met, and a
host of other issues. These issues are getting more and more attention in both the social arena and
the business arena and thorny legal problems can be avoided with the right planning steps.

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Probate, Trusts & Estates Administration
When you're responsible for an estate or a trust, or if you're someone's guardian, you have special
duties for keeping track of money and other property and accounting for how you deal with it. The
court will be looking over your shoulder, as may heirs, relatives or others with a stake in what
happens to the assets. These important tasks can be very complex. The earlier you engage
professional assistance, the easier it is to carry out your required tasks and reporting.

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Estate Planning
Estate Planning is, simply put, developing a plan for what happens to your property and belongings
after your death. It can include taking care of those you leave behind. It might lead to creating a Will
or a Trust or both. Good estate planning also involves some attention to what will happen to you in
your later years of life.

You might be visiting here with just a simple Will in mind. A Will is, by definition, your last chance to
effect the transfer of your assets to others. Reviewing all your arrangements at this time will help
ensure that we don't, by mistake, miss something important.

At the same time, this opens the door to thinking about your later years. Making sure you, and those
who depend on you, can meet any future special needs may be more important than writing a will.

It would be a disservice for me to draft you a Will without offering to look at your overall goals. It may
be helpful just to organize all your thoughts together. In addition, I may be able to point out
concerns, or make suggestions, that will make your arrangements more complete.

Please see the
Planning Questionnaire at my "Articles" page for getting started with your planning!

Social Security Disability Benefits
Some congressional representatives have described the Social Security Administration as the best-run
agency the federal government has. Even so, its history shows that a very high percentage of
applicants for disability benefits have to appeal one or more times after their initial application, in order
to get the benefits they qualify for. The process is slow and frustrating but the services of an
experienced representative can help you both understand and succeed in this process.

Education Law
Education Law-- the rights of students, discipline, appropriate education for students with disabilities,
accommodations for students with disabilities--  is important for guaranteeing the well-being of each
student as he or she passes through the education system, as well as the economic and social future
of the country.

One of the essential components of an appropriate education for teen-aged students with disabilities
is transition planning for a successful graduation to college and work. A good transition plan will
identify specific goals to aim for, specific abilities and skills to develop to reach them, and specific
activities and tasks for learning those skills. Careful attention to these details can make the difference
for being ready for the rest of the world.
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